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Switching Power Supplies

  • DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, active PFC, with and without electrical isolation
  • barrier, flux, boost, dual-channel and multi-channel converter
  • current powered resonant push-pull converter
  • very high efficiency of 90% to 96%, low ripple
  • synchronous rectification, redundant operation, electronic load with energy recovery


  • System DC power supply, 500W, 50V, 20A, resolution 1 mA/0.5 mA with multiplexer and sense regulation
  • Redundant power supply cassettes, + 5V, +/- 12V output, 75W Ue 24V/60V/120Vdc
  • HV power supply with active PFC, 3kW output, 900V DC, short circuit protected
  • Constant current power supply for LEDs 10mA, 25mA, 40mA, 0V to 900Vdc Ua, 25W
  • 100mA/140mA, Ua 0V to 300Vdc, mains input
  • Battery replacement for flash generators, 12V 35A with synchronous rectification
  • Halogen lamp supply with PFC and wide range output, without output modulation