Our products are in a wide variety of applications used:

  • LED street lighting and its control over three phases without control wires.
  • Ballasts for helipad lighting, RF stabilized with PFC, wide range.
  • LED warning lights on wind turbines, Light stabilized with the control center and synchronization using GPS.
  • Warning lights on oil rigs, wide range flash 10WS.
  • Flash light for buildings and towers 2.000cd/20.000cd, also with LED's.
  • Stroboscope with battery power.
  • Power stroboskope mains operation with PFC, 2 * 800W, dimmable max. 150Hz.
  • Wide range stroboskope, 500W, 240Hz max. adjustable.
  • Studio flash generators short flashes, 8 f 1/10 pitch max. 500Ws at 1 Hz, max. 50Hz.
  • Sequential flash, airport runway, flash heads OF/UF and controller.
  • Pulsed light sources for opticians.
  • High voltage generators for spark gaps.
  • Switching power supplies for laboratory power supplies.
  • Auxiliary and power simmer, parallel and series ignition circuit, for partial discharge of flash tube regulations.
  • Strobes for hardening of coatings.
  • RGB-LED light pillars 330mm/1,000 mm, in tandem with the control unit or DMX input.
  • Number lighting with RGB-LEDs, selectable color, automatic color sequence, twilight switch.
  • LED light sources with 100Lm/Watt as halogen replacements.
  • Rotary encoder control for several sources, including RGB via a power line.
  • Illuminance meters 6 decades, also suitable for PWM-controlled LED's.
  • LED power supplies 3.5V/9A
  • Series supplies up to 900V, IK 10mA, 25mA, 40mA max. 25W, isolated.
  • Power supplies up to 200V, 0.7A IK.
  • Active surge clamping to 4.4KV/2R generator internal resistance, clamping on to <500V output.
  • Basic loads with energy recovery.

And much more!