RGB LED Light Pillars

You are looking for a self controlled color effect device, which produces beautiful pictures of the light out of the stereo audio signal?

Our german high-power-RGB-LED light pillars will amaze you!

The smallest combination is one RGB-controller with two pillars, one for the left and one for the right audio signal.

The pillars are showing a fast moving band, nearly like a level meter: the height from the band is created by the volume (adjustable) and the color is created by the audio signal. With coaction of both audio channels and the presetted PWM-frequency you will receive special lighting effects.

Two versions of pillars are available:

  • RGB 330 mm, 60 W, 10 high-power-RGB-LED’s
  • RGB 1000 mm, 240 W, 30 high-power-RGB-LED’s

They have an optical angle nearly +/-15 degree. The number of used pillars is extendable. For example you can use two pillars per side on the top of each other, running as one growing bar, or you can use four pillars per side, running like a symmetrical bar, starting from the middle. The number of small and big pillars is nearly not limited.

The pillars and the controller are working with 100Vac to 260Vac main supply. The pillar supply builds an active power factor correction, so you can put a lot of items in parallel.

Our RGB-controller with touchscreen panel offers various options to you: for example you can choose the color from a triangle picture, you can choose an automatically color change with selectable circle time, you have ten buttons to recall or save own created functions, you can change PWM-frequency from 1 Hz (that means flashing like a strobe) to 100 Hz (seems to be continuously) and much more......

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to get in touch with you.